Adryan PRAYED himself out of a $100,000 problem… What is his SECRET?

“Adryan, keep praying.”

That was what James told me as we parted ways after our monthly mentoring lunch at our favorite Italian restaurant.

I ran into a problem with my wine importing business, which was challenging to solve with human effort.

You know there are some situations whereby we feel helpless… that the only way out is to pray because we need a higher power to come and save our ass?

That was what I needed. And I needed it desperately.

My 50 cases of wine were confiscated at the customs due to improper documentation.

Going by past encounters, the procedure to release the wine would take weeks. I was desperate because I needed the shipment urgently to fulfill a $100,000 order.

Now, let us rewind to lunchtime when I told James my situation.

[Note: If you get random results from your prayers… then pour all your attention into James’ thought-provoking words below.]

(In the restaurant…)

“So, did you pray?” James asked after taking a sip of his wine.

“Yes, I prayed. Every night.” I answered.

“How did you pray? Did you pray the 50/50 prayer?” James asked again.

“50 / 50?” I replied with a confused look.

James explained:

“As in you pray for your wine to clear the customs. But you also thought about Plan B in case your prayer fails. This is the 50/50 prayer. It’s good that God delivers my problem, but if He doesn’t, this is His will, and I need to take things into my hands.”

“Erm… yes..?” I answered.

"You see, if you pray the 50:50 prayer, you will get a 50:50 result. Either God helps you or He doesn't.

You don't get anything from this way of praying.

If your prayer fails, the only thing you'll get in the end is the wrong belief that human effort is greater than God's intervention.

And if your prayer is answered, you will just pray the same 50:50 prayer the next time... until it fails... and you come to an erred conclusion that prayer is just a matter of chance.

Here's the thing...

People think that prayer changes their external circumstances.

They want to see results before they change - if God gives me this, I'll do that.

E.g., if God provides my rental this month, I promise to start looking for a job. If God blesses me with this sale to earn a big commission, I'll tithe more next month.

They are bargaining with God with their prayers.

What they don't understand is that an effective prayer first creates a change in you! It ignites the power of God through you to solve the problem, and with that comes the blessings of wealth and all."

Immediately after hearing James, the doubts in my mind were blown away by this powerful gush of truth about prayer.

James’ words gave me hope and strengthened my belief that God will work out this mess through me and with me.

With my renewed faith burning within, I made up my mind to pray again that night.

(And night falls quickly…)

As the night approaches, I performed a series of steps before, during, and after my prayer guided by James’ special steps for praying.

The results blew my mind.

It ignited a “divine inner state” which is the stage for miracle manifestations.

So, what’s this “divine inner state”… why is it so special… and what are the exact steps I take when I pray?

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– Adryan